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Player Name: iola.
Are you 16 or older: yes.
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Tag: rey

Name: Rey.
Canon: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Canon Point: Almost post-movie; just after she leaves on her quest to find Luke Skywalker, but before she actually does.
Age: 19.

History: I think I can handle myself.

Personality: Isolation is Rey's best friend and worst enemy.

Generally, children abandoned on backwater planets have a hard time. Rey was left on Jakku with no real guardian, only the junkboss Unkar Plutt to halfway look out for her. And no matter what favor he may have owed her parents or how much he was paid to watch over her, there was no way he'd let a little girl interfere with his business. Thus, Rey was left to fend for herself. The only help she ever received was probably from other scavengers, and once she was able to scavenge on her own, even that was gone. Rey was left alone to make a home for herself in a fallen AT-AT, the innards of which she scrapped not long after moving in. She entertained herself with a flight simulator she rescued from a fallen ship, with a doll she made from a torn uniform, from literally anything she could find and justify keeping instead of trading for food. Rey grew to rely on only one person: herself.

She takes a no-nonsense approach to most things in her life. She easily orders Finn around on the Millennium Falcon when their lives are at stake, tells him to mind his own business when he asks about her family, and she makes her intention of returning to Jakku very clear and apparently final. But this efficient lifestyle gives way to a more daring and fun part of Rey at times. She literally powers down the Falcon midair so that Finn can make a shot, and when given the opportunity to escape her imprisonment on the Finalizer, she uses untested Force powers on a storm trooper and literally scales the interior walls of the ship. And though she could have traded it for much-needed food, she chose to keep a Rebel pilot helmet she found in the desert; Rey often puts it on just because, enjoying the mere fact of its existence and likely imagining what it would be like to pilot a real ship instead of a simulated one. Additionally, the wonder she feels when first seeing all the greenery on Takodana shows a rare moment when she can't help but feel childlike amazement towards things she never could have imagined she'd get to see.

The creatures that roamed the desert of Jakku at night, as well as other scavengers looking for an easy turn-in, made self-defense a priority. This is probably an area in which she had help from another scavenger; learning to fight with a staff is difficult to do on one's own. Regardless, Rey's fighting abilities are no joke. Her mastery of the staff helped her wield a lightsaber against Kylo Ren and not die. That says something about her fighting skills and ability to adapt, considering he'd been trained with a lightsaber for years before she ever saw one. It also emphasizes her own intelligence and rapid ability to learn; at the beginning of the battle, she very clearly tries to stab Kylo Ren, a move that is hardly ever seen in Jedi lightsaber battles, but is a common tactic with a staff. But as she watches him attack with sweeping arcs and slashes, she adjusts her own fighting style to copy his. That doesn't mean she won't run away if bested, though. On the Falcon, when the rathtars get loose and she realizes that she can't fight them and Finn's life is at stake, she instead engages a door to cut off its tentacles and free him, saving his life.

The landscape of Jakku presented its own problems, ones she had to fight on her own. Lack of food and water led her to train herself to survive on little, giving her a strong sense of self-discipline and restraint. The harsh conditions, from sandstorms to freezing nights, forced her to improvise functional clothing and a home. Self-sufficiency resulted in survival, fear to death. And even though she tries to tell herself that she is without fear, her encounter with Luke's lightsaber in Maz Kanata's castle makes her realize that she isn't. As Maz says, she "already knows the truth," that the people who left her on Jakku had no plans to return for her. But she can't help but hold on to that hope, for the fear that her years of solitude and refuse to leave Jakku had all been for nothing. Rey rediscovered that for all her time alone, she is still a person who can feel terror and desire.

But even after spending most of her life alone, Rey cannot hide from the compassion she feels for those in need. When offered help, she bluntly refuses; blindly trusting someone else to aid her is a bad idea and, frankly, unsettling. She was literally left in the dust the last time she accepted someone else's help, when two of her fellow scavengers flew off in a ship they had helped her restore to working order. Instead of waiting for her to turn it in to Unkar for portions, they escaped Jakku and left her with a year of her precious time lost, as well as a colder heart.

But when she is the one with the power to help, when she has the control and ability to give, her compassion shines. It's reluctant at first, as shown when she considers selling BB-8 to Unkar Plutt, but her compassion is even stronger than the mind-blowing number of portions Plutt is willing to give her for the droid. Meeting Han Solo, someone she already admires from stories, and finding out that he is kind and someone she can actually look up to makes her consider not returning to Jakku for the first time. As Kylo Ren finds hidden in her mind, he is someone she could think of as family, even though she's never before considered making one. Having him torn away before she ever had a true chance to know him hurts her, but also strengthens her resolve to do what she believes is right. Her kindness only grows when she helps Finn and BB-8, when she joins the Resistance, when she treks across the universe that's never seemed to care for her in order to find the galaxy's last hope.

Rey's compassion is what makes isolation her enemy, because it makes her realize that she doesn't want to be alone. She wants to have friends like Finn and Poe and BB-8, to feel the way Han Solo made her feel--as if she had a family. She's willing to fight against the First Order not only because what they're doing is fundamentally wrong, but because she resents that Kylo Ren had everything she always knew she wanted, and he just threw it away. She doesn't want to end up alone like the old woman scrubbing scrap in Niima. She doesn't want to waste away waiting for parents she can't remember when she can actually go out and do something. Because maybe, just maybe, if she does something with her life, like save the galaxy, they'll remember the six year old girl they left on a desert planet and come back for her still.

Abilities/Skills: Rey is a Force-sensitive human. This means that she can sense and manipulate the energy of all living creatures. There are many ways to utilize the Force, from maneuvering the position of objects ("Force push/pull") to influencing the minds of others ("Jedi mind tricks"). The Force can even be used to enhance the physical abilities of an individual, such as allowing them to jump higher than normal or lift exceptionally heavy objects. Other, slightly Dark Side-ier uses of the Force are the creation of Force lightning and the ability to invade a being's mind and forcefully read their thoughts. While the Force is most often shown in offensive situations, it can also be used defensively to sense impending attacks or shield one's mind from a telepathic assault. Largely, the workings of the Force are Mysterious™ and only more extensively understood by true Jedi and Sith Masters.

As Rey is neither of these, her grasp of the Force are basic at best. Even with her astounding ability to learn and adapt to situations, her first inklings of the force are haphazard and unstable. She is able to repel Kylo Ren's mind invasion and turn it back on him, and she is able to manipulate Daniel Craig Stormtrooper JB-007 into helping her escape from the Finalizer, but not before failing first. She even manages to Force pull Luke's lightsaber towards her during her battle with Kylo Ren on the Starkiller Base, but only after she watches Finn be gravely injured. At this point in her canon, Rey is untrained and her Force abilities are largely influenced by her emotions: fear on the Finalizer, and rage during her duel with Kylo Ren. There is no telling how extensive her abilities are, though it is commented upon several times during the movie that she has great potential.

Less mystically, Rey has a knack for understanding machines and their inner workings, especially starships. This comes across as almost an innate gift, as she is able to bypass systems and reroute power on the Millennium Falcon after only flying it for a short time. She finds joy in figuring out how things work, and if they're broken, fixing them. Thanks to the flight simulator she found and repaired on Jakku, she is also an adept pilot. These skills lent themselves well to her life as a scavenger, helping her find worthwhile scrap in the ship graveyard on Jakku.

Her life on a desert planet has also given her a strong survival instinct and an understanding of the importance of the basic necessities in life. Food, water, shelter: lack of any of these means death. The inability to defend oneself also means death, and so Rey trained to fight with a quarterstaff. She is physically fit from her weapon training and climbing all over giant fallen ships, and is both quick on her feet and good at hiding. In order to keep her loot from being stolen by other scavengers, she's learned to utilize her environment and even her clothing for camouflage. Additionally, the vast number of races on Jakku and the comings and goings of traders has helped Rey learn several alien languages, including the binary language of droids.

Strengths: Stubborn, mechanical/electrical engineering, physically fit, compassionate, adept space pilot, imaginative, expert scavenger, quick thinker, daring, combat (quarterstaff), Force-sensitive, survivalist, curious, polyglot.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, can't let go of the idea that her family might come back for her, lacking in the people skills department, hoarder, quick to judge, afraid of her own power, short tempered, reckless.

1 scavenger outfit
1 handmade quarterstaff
Luke Skywalker's lightsaber
A bag containing 30 portions

Network Sample: Link to her intro post in Ataraxion.

Prose/Action Sample:
It doesn't take much leaning for Rey to see the top of this tree, but despite its small stature compared to others she had seen, it was glorious in its own right.

On Takodana, there had been trees. She'd thought they'd been tall and lush, but it had also been the first time she had ever seen a tree. Her expectations had been low, and the plants had surpassed anything her imagination had come up with. But standing at the base of this one, she realizes that those trees had simply been a taste of what could be. What was in front of her. Takodana's trees had been monstrous, but this tree was simply impressive.

Though the level on which it resided was sparingly vegetated, the roots growing below in open-air had made her stare in wonder. The greenery of Takodana had shocked her, but it had also left her unprepared for the variety of what could be. Roots above ground, attached to a living, growing tree, had amazed her. She hadn't thought plants worked like that.

Now, she wants to discover how this one does it.

All else in her life had been muted, it seemed, in comparison to the raw beauty of knowing that like people, plants could survive in places they shouldn't. And it pained her to think that if she had stayed on Jakku, she might've missed it. She might've gone her whole life without knowing the intricate twist of those roots and the gentle green of the leaves. It stung even more to know that leaving meant she might never see her family again, for how could they find her in the endless universe if she was not where they left her?

But that is neither here nor there at the moment, and Rey shakes her head to clear it.

Instead of dwelling, she exhales slowly and stretches her limbs in preparation. There had been no time on Takodana to climb a tree, and she wasn't about to let the opportunity slip from her fingers again.

If she's lucky, she thinks, maybe she'll make it to the top before someone tries to stop her.

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