ventifact: theboysareback @ dw (hooked on a feeling)
Rey ([personal profile] ventifact) wrote2016-04-16 08:18 pm

ooc; inventory [thisavrou]

Rank: Princeps
Clearance Level: 4
Residence: Kauto, Region 3
Job: Owner of The Garbage Will Do
Sencs: ~3600

One (1) scavenger outfit
One (1) handmade quarterstaff
Luke Skywalker's lightsaber
A bag containing 10 portions
One (1) rebel flight helmet
This assortment of items
This bathing suit
A BB unit droid, affectionately named BB-9
Personal transportation
A compass that always leads the holder to the person they love the most
A compass that always leads the holder to the person they hate the most
One (1) survival kit
One (1) sack of these

clothing purchased on collectives ASH3, BF3, & CLF5

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