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15 August 2017 21:51
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Who: Clu and Rinzler and all their mess.
When: 26th July. (After the shadows subside but well before characters return to the Midway Hub.)
Where: A sad little office-park "green space" in R1. It was carefully chosen to be identical to all instances in the set and equidistant from all major residences for 26% of the total region volume.
What: Rinzler has waited for something Clu only now understands the real value of. This can only go well.
Warnings: PERSONHOOD ISSUES, abusive relationship themes and content, torture and mutilation references of various kinds and degree. Y'know. Wholesome family fun.

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Who: The RvB cast + L
When: As soon as everyone arrives
Where: The Midway Hub
What: Figuring out what to do in the immediate aftermath of arriving
Warnings: Probably language, mainly
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12 August 2017 00:29
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- Comment with your character
- Tag out to others with your character asking them either truth or dare
- truth is pretty obvious but dare can be vary from asking to tap dance or going over to another character and ask them to marry them
- Go nuts you shiny people

Upcoming Drop & Thanks

11 August 2017 11:08
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Hey y'all!

Though Kavinsky technically disappeared/died end of July, I'll be leaving this game at end of August hopefully having wrapped more of the plot threads.

I just wanted to say it was an enormous pleasure playing on this game. The players were more than enthusiastic when I ran events (the duels/fights against the Artifixx, and of course the Demon Plot). The staff are so supportive and communicative, always soliciting feedback. I feel like this game really sets a gold standard for DWRP experience. I wish I had the wherewithal to stay, but I hope someday I'll get to come back. Thank you for the wonderful time.

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[ Scott's been here a few days, but he hasn't posted on the network or done much other than rest, recover, and plan. He is eight different kinds of not okay with the fact that he was just brought here out of the blue. He's worried about the others back home, worried about how his parents are going to take a second child just... gone. They weren't exactly the best, but they deserved better than a pair of empty caskets and a ton of questions. And then there was where he actually was and all of what that meant.

He'd spent a few days trying to figure out if they were messing with him, but from everything he'd been able to see or find, it looked like the people who'd brought him here weren't trying to trap him so much as just couldn't send him home. He'd stewed a little in that, frustrated with himself and his lack of scientific knowledge to ever refute such an idea, but that didn't really help anything and he'd turned towards something to do here soon enough. Honestly, it's amazing that took as long as it did, given Scott's general impatience. That's why, with his couple of credits and his ridiculous job recommendation (hey, if he could rock it, he'd rock it for money. Pride's never paid his bills...) he's finally dipping his toe into treating this place like his 'real world' for the moment instead of just a screwed up nightmare scenario.

He's looking pretty good for a kid from 1983 with medically required wrap around sunglasses as he grins into the camera and offers a laconic sort of thumbs up. Teenage boys are a menace and should be stopped. ]

Hey, so... if I say 'mutant', what does that make you all think of?

[ The mun would like to note that due to the fact that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in May of 1984, she was unable to make a totally tubular reference and she would like if you would all be sad for her at this deep temporal injustice.

Scott, on the other hand, is testing the waters in a sort of obvious but not really entirely obvious but pretty obvious kind of way. Though to be fair, he's doing it in front of the most non-descript bit of wall in the Ingress compound he could find and fully intends to take off the eye-catching bright neon yellow jacket and stuff it in his backpack as soon as he's done. Nothing to be done about the telling sunglasses, but he's trying. Who knows what could come back from this? ]


10 August 2017 17:08
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[Both the timing and the sound of people's voices and footsteps in the background indicate that this was recorded just after the meeting, as people start to leave. A thud, and from farther away:] Oh, crap -

[The sounds of rummaging. Guess what idiot dropped his TAB basically as soon as he hit record and is now picking it up?]

So, uh, great meeting and all, can't wait to go, but has anyone else ever come back from medical - not dying, just a really long checkup - but something's gone weird and the Ingress Complex doctors aren't seeing it? [Mumbled quickly:] Or weird nightmares over there. [And back to a regular volume:] Nothing like this happened on the Moira.

And hey, I know some of you are doctors - could someone check out my dumb hand? Even if it's just a quick look before we leave. [Annoyed:] I might be kinda useless on Sawarga.

[All Nate's replies will also be in voice unless otherwise specified.]
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[Those who check the contact list may notice there is now only one Jane Shepard listed, but this user looks almost identical to her, just mad.]

Suggestions for ways to change your appearance? Long term but not as permanent as that asteroid's genetic modification, both things that can be done on the trip and recommendations for service providers for when we get back.

[All Nova's replies will also be in text unless otherwise specified.]

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8 August 2017 22:14
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Who: York and Carolina
When: morning august 8th
Where: York's place
What: a breakfast date and lots of Important Talking
Warnings: nothing right now, will label thread if that changes

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9 August 2017 05:07
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Who: J and various
When: Backdated to end of shadow plot to 8/8
Where: Around!
What: J got the rough deal during the shadow plot and once again she's licking her wounds
Warnings: Nooone so far.
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8 August 2017 16:32
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Who: Reaper and YOU (Closed prompt for Sombra)
When: Several hours after this
Where: Talon Tower and across the first three Regions of Kauto
What: Homeward bound.
Warnings: None (probably)

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8 August 2017 15:36
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[When the feed starts there's a quick flash of Elizabeth's distressed face before a flash of quick movement jerks the TAB away and Elizabeth yelps. There's a struggle happening, and a lot of what's being recorded is jerkycam of the ceiling. After a few seconds, some grunting, and solid thumping noises, Elizabeth comes back into view.]

This is Elizabeth DeWitt, I'm in my apartment, in the private collection and--

[The camera is obscured again by something pale covered in gray splotches. It takes a minute for the camera to focus while Elizabeth is shouting 'No, no, no, let go, let go!', but eventually it does focus to reveal... words on a page.]

[She screams again and the TAB goes flying and lands on its side, finally giving the viewer a clear shot of what's going on. Elizabeth is on her side and being swarmed by what can only be described as... overly excited puppy-sized books. At least fifty of them, all the same size and color. They hop about on the corners of their covers, flapping and clinging to Elizabeth while she tries to get up and fight them off. Gently, of course. Don't hurt the books. She starts shouting:]

I'm in the Moira's private collection in my apartment in Region Five and I need some help here!

[One of the books hops over to the TAB and after hopping around it, somehow picks it up and starts shaking it again, viciously, until it flies into a shelf and bounces until it stops against a box marked 'Thán's Collection - DO NOT LOAN OUT - Hands Off, Snart'.]
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Who: L, Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, Chara, NPCs, maybe you!
When: Between the end of the Shadow plot and now, with a hard cut-off at August's Ingress plot.
Where: Primarily R1 and R5.
What: Remember this? It's going down all over town. If you missed it at the time, whether for personal reasons or because your character is newer, and you want to do something like this, please shoot me a PM. I will also try to throw a few open prompts up in here if you'd rather start with mundane CR with L.
Warnings: Rough-housing and rough language and probably general intrigue.
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Good morning.

[ the voice on the other end seems to have a vague Russian accent. ]

Since it seems to be a common theme lately, I have a question for everyone: What is the absolute strangest thing you've ever seen or experienced, either where you come from, or from here?

[ a pause ]

In the interest of good faith, I've got a story to share with you about mine. My first Commanding Officer had the unique ability to shoot electricity out of his hands. He was a real piece of work, [ no that was probably sharing too much ] but that's neither here or there. Anyways... he could shoot electricity out of his hands. Which you might or might not find out of the ordinary, but it wasn't quite the weirdest shit I've ever run up against.

[ but back to the story ] Anyways, he ended up getting killed by an enemy agent, much to the dismay of almost no one. But, even if his brain was gone, somehow his body was kept alive, almost out of sheer spite.

And twenty years later, he woke up. But he was on fire. And that fire... [ a pause as he looks for the right word ] zombie [ that was not the right word ] chased me and this other guy on a flaming unicorn.

And that was the strangest thing I've ever experienced.

[ but instead of it shutting off, his tone changes ever so slightly, as he seems to be talking to a person on the other end. ]

-So as you can see, I'm perfectly...

[ no. now it's shut off. ]
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Who: Alan (and !Alan) and Rinzler (and !Rinzler)
When: Backdated to late July
Where: Alan’s apartment
What: Alan and Rinzler’s shadows think it’s high time the real Alan and Rinzler got their shit together. Which means it’s time for a learning experience \o/
Warnings: Violence, mindfuckery, shadows being awful, a whole load of self-loathing in one room.
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6 August 2017 21:49
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[Someone's proud of herself. From where she's set up, fiddling with a handful of tech— tech that might just look familiar to anyone familiar with Winston's work in stabilizing temporal distortion— Sombra's grinning like a cat that ate the canary: bright as the circuitry hardwired into her head.

After a moment longer spent working one more panel loose, her attention flicks up, nose crinkling along with it:
] Anybody out there got any good ideas for celebrating around here?

Not talking about a beer with some music. I mean really kicking it off.

The kind of letting loose that comes up after you take care of a real...infestation.

hiatus & time ghost... time

6 August 2017 20:43
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Hey, everyone! Work is absolutely insane for me right now, so I'm taking a breather for August. I'll be back at the beginning of September!

In the meantime, Tracer's going to have a run-in with Sombra ending with her chronal accelerator being broken. That means that she'll be haunting Thisavrou as a time ghost. She can't control where-- or when-- she appears. Lena can't communicate or affect the environment in any way. Her accelerator will be fixed and she'll be back to normal when my hiatus ends. So feel free to have your character be "haunted" by Lena until then. For my sanity, she'll be too disoriented to remember what happens when she's a time ghost, but if you'd like to have her remember a particular meeting, drop me a line!

I'll see you cool kids on the flip side. ♥
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Every day that I don't cry I feel my heart get a little stronger

Comments on this post are screened

Submit IC confessions here, either in postcard form or as text

The results will be posted in a master post ONE WEEK from today

All confessions will be listed as being anonymous, with a discussion topic to comment on each secret


6 August 2017 03:53
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[The man on the video is blue skinned with glowing blue eyes and in armor that bears military markings. Over his shoulder a small white machine floats, periodically tilting towards him and then away as if to look out at something, in contrast to the blue man whose eyes don't move from the screen, and in fact the look is rather intense.]

In what time I have been here, I will admit the peace is appreciated. Where I am from, even without a direct threat, there would still be excitement born from competition among each other. To say that I find this peace unusual, but welcomed would not be a lie.

[And before he continues he looks over at his Ghost, giving the white machine a glare as if to forestall any comments from it before looking back.]

However, as I have yet to find any fellow Guardians in the time this peace provides me between the duties I was assigned [such a nice way to say he works in the library], I feel almost negligent in that task. So to any Guardians that are here, this is Commander Zavala asking you all to report in. [And he probably couldn't sound any more formal if he tried.]

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