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19 October 2017 19:48
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You're really quite terrible at that.

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19 October 2017 16:40
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What the hell was that?

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19 October 2017 12:21
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[Perched on a rooftop, brooding.]


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19 October 2017 10:59
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Why did I say that? AAAAAAUUUUUUgggggh.

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19 October 2017 07:12
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[Waving in your direction]

Over here!

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19 October 2017 07:07
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Hadn't walked here in a while.

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19 October 2017 06:57
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[Bleeding profusely.]

I won't leave you.

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18 October 2017 20:56
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[Twirling a cigarette, vodka bottle nearby.]

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18 October 2017 21:46
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*scrubs at face, sighing* "Fake news."
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Who: Hawke, Tony, and Nate.
When: A bit after arrival
Where: The public baths on the lab level
What: These three are losers
Warnings: Nudity. Swearing.
what straight nonsense is this )

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17 October 2017 10:10
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I've got a date? What? How?
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Who: Leonard L. Church and Agents Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Washington. open to visitors with cr!
When: post-Freelancer meeting though the end of October
Where: ______ Suites, Unit 5
What: MINGLE LOG! settling in with friends, former enemies, and some guy who just can't get away.
Warnings: canon-typical language
maybe i shouldn't quite say never )

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16 October 2017 16:16
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 Where are you going with that?

Life is like a hurricane

16 October 2017 01:22
gentlemenpreferblondes: (I'm going back home and give my thanks)
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Who: J and everyone else
When: Thorough the first half of the month
Where: Suites, bartering block, bar, hall of music
What: A catch-all log for J.
Warnings: Description of an injury on ooc part.

Ducktales opening song goes here )

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15 October 2017 00:51
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Hold on-- You can see me?!

☠ VIDEO (dated october 15)

14 October 2017 19:09
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[Normally, Sans prefers text. It helped him sidestep the inevitable set of questions that arose when most humans got a look at him. Of course, text had its limitations. There was something about the old book that couldn't be directly translated through a roughshod filter of comic sans.

Lack of experience translates to poor focus when the video starts streaming, but aside from that blurriness the feed is notably steady. No gaps, no garbled words, no sudden disconnects. A nice change of pace for anyone who attempted network communication in the past couple weeks.]

Testing, one, two. [The video is focused on an old book, open to a few blurry pages.] Seems like the Nerd Herd came through, so here's hoping I am too. [Anyway.] These last few weeks I've been pretty booked checking out the library. There're some racy tomes in there, fyi, for those of you into that kinda thing.

[He flips the page. And, while blurry, the hand doing the flipping is definitely... fleshless. The page itself is hard to pick out specifics, but a lot of it appears to be annotated with handwritten notes.]

This one's a bit on the dry side, but for all the former Thisavrou residents... Well, looks like whoever survived came up with a nifty name for what went down with Mother. The Great Catastrophe. Catchy, right?

I'm gonna upload some pages. I get the feeling people who lived through it might be able to speak to its accuracy more than me. [The pages come in later, thankfully much more readable than the video.] Reason I'm wondering is, uh...

[He uploads another page. This one mentioning a passage of light. It bluntly details how several crew members walked into, but did not return.]

Look, I get the Ingress's been gone for three hundred years, but... sound familiar to anyone else?

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14 October 2017 20:41
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Can you do that again?

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14 October 2017 17:15
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Wanna see a big boom?!

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14 October 2017 14:23
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"You're being rescued, please don't resist."

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